Polly, Anna & Dot

pollyanna and dotpollyanna and dot


Pollyanna & Dot is named after my three grandmothers, Polly Foss Boyd Maier, Anna Alessi Carlino and Dorothy (Dot) Myers Parsons.  I grew up enamored with looking at photos of them in earlier years, pouring over handkerchiefs, their vintage jewelry, shoes and other accessories.  I’ve always felt at home in vintage and vintage inspired looks.  They are so flattering.  There’s a reason my grandmothers don’t look dated in their above photos, their clothes were timeless.  A great fit n flare dress, sweater or pencil skirt are pieces that are always chic.

I started wearing vintage inspired dresses about two years ago and almost exclusively one year ago.  I felt so much more confident.  It was so easy to get dressed in the morning, and I always looked put together when in reality, wearing a dress is so much easier than pairing pants and tops.  When friends started asking to borrow my dresses for events and trips, I started to think seriously about the idea I had been throwing around for the past few years, opening a shop.

I’m thrilled to be bringing beautiful, well made, chic and timeless pieces to Batavia.  I’d like to think they’re updated versions of what used to grace the numerous shop windows down Main Street in the 40s-60s.  Many of our brands ship to us from the UK.  Some of them are impossible to find in person outside of New York City (and some not even there!).  We have two brands that are US based, Bernie Dexter in particular is completely made in the USA.